Bathroom remodeling projects should be practical. However, they should also be elegant areas that will satisfy your desires. If you’ve got a lot of space, it is easy to determine the components and features that you would like in your bathroom. 


This is not the case if you are handling a bathroom that is too small. Fortunately, it is also the best chance to get creative with your decorating, space, and capacity.  

If you’re planning to remodel a bathroom with small space, we are here to help. Here is a couple of bathroom remodel Dothan AL tips you can follow: 

Floating Space 

You should consider a floating shelf or vanity for stylish space if you do not have a lot of things to store in your bathroom. A floating vanity offers more visual space in your bathroom. This enables the room to feel bigger than it is. 

Clear Materials 

Instead of a foggy glass or shower window ornament, you should choose a glass shower entryway. This will allow the eye to travel around the room perpetually and cause your bathroom to appear more open. Also, if you want to improve it more, make sure you pick a zero-edge shower. The floor will be uninterrupted and looks more prominent without control to step over. 

Think Round 

It’s hard to avoid sharp edges in a small bathroom. In addition to that, they could look as if they are protruding. To make your bathroom a bit friendlier, you should consider rounded edges on your vanity. It will also offer you just a little bit more space. Keep in mind that every inch counts in a small bathroom. 

Allow the Light to Shine 

All bathrooms need to have enough lighting. It is where you get your appearance ready every day. However, the correct lighting is even more vital in a small bathroom. An illuminated area will make the space more appealing, brighter, and look bigger. 

Embrace the Ledge 

Consider installing a ledge above the sink and under the mirror. It’s the ideal area to keep your hairbrush, toothbrush, and other minor things if you simply do not have enough cabinet space or drawers.  

Wall Storage 

Whenever you are getting ready in the bathroom, it is vital to have your toiletries close by. Placing your toiletries away outside the bathroom with scarcely any additional space is only a formula for disarray and complication every morning. You should look to the wall if your bathroom requires additional space for your necessities. Introduce appealing storage units to keep things beautiful, clean, and close within your reach. 

If you really have a problem with space, you should get rid of major things out of your bathroom. Keep a small shelf directly outside your bathroom where you can place washcloths, towels, and tissue.  

Be Wary with Patterns 

Perhaps you found a wallpaper or tile with an elaborate design. If that’s the case, you should go for it. However, you’ve got to be wary of the other surfaces in your bathroom. Keep the walls simple if you choose a detailed or bold tile in a small bathroom