Parking lots are vital to the operations of your commercial property. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to look for concrete contractors. Indeed, there are a lot of companies out there that offer this service. However, which companies will do the job properly?  


When gathering estimates, selection can become extremely overwhelming since most companies will differ in cost. So, what are the factors that affect the cost of a concrete Gainesville FL parking lot? Today, we’re going to talk about these factors. 

Materials and Labor 

One thing you’ve got to think about is the costs of materials and labor. Keep in mind that this is a factor where concrete contractors can greatly vary. Thus, you should do your research and get estimates from at least 3 reliable concrete contractors before you hire someone for the job. 


Drainage is another factor to think about. Usually, this is only a concern for lots that haven’t been prepared before. All towns and municipalities have grading needs for installing concrete. This will guarantee that the building’s integrity stays intact. Thus, you’ll have to think about it as an extra expense if your parking hasn’t been graded properly for drainage.  


When it comes to concrete parking lots, you have to consider the traffic that you’re expecting to get from it. Usually, the most affordable concrete parking lots are the ones that are expecting light duty traffic. This consists mainly of car traffic. The cost per square foot is around $3. On the other hand, the most expensive concrete parking lots are the ones that are expecting heavy-duty traffic. This includes truck traffic. The cost per square foot is around $6. 


The size of the parking lot is one of the first things to think about when talking about the cost to build a concrete parking lot. For instance, you will usually have to spend around $70,000 to $100,000 for a small parking lot. The size of a small parking lot is around 25,000 square feet. As mentioned, the price will vary on the type of traffic you expect. However, you’ve got to keep in mind that various jobs have various specifications and issues.  


The distance from the supplier to your area is one factor that also affects the cost of building concrete parking lot. Though it may appear like a minor thing to travel 20 to 40 miles. It gets costly if you’re driving specialized truck. This is particularly true if it is full of aggregate and concrete. Thus, it’s always ideal to think about the distance. 


It’s necessary to know how location can influence costs. For example, installing a concrete parking lot might not cost as much in Iowa as it does in New York. Unfortunately, the variations in costs aren’t simply limited to states. Costs can differ from one town to another. This depends on the company you hire. 

Scope of Work 

Are you getting rid of an old parking lot? Are you starting from scratch? If you’re starting from scratch, it will require more time and work. Thus, it may cost more.